The Writers

Michael K Grimm : Head Writer & Editor  (Co-Founder)

What to say about myself so that I don’t come off like countless other hacks in the blogosphere … hmmm.

For starters I am a huge sci fi and fantasy fan but I’m guessing you have already deduced that by now and if you haven’t stop reading and go ram your head into the bedroom door. Apart from indulging in comics, TV shows, movies and gaming I am also a huge music fan and actually make hip hop music.

I was born and raised in the middle east where I embraced at an early age the calling of dungeons & dragons, Spider Man, Sonic, along with all other things the average kid would find cool to do with his friends in the 90’s. Consoles were always common ground for kids back then whether it was PlayStation, Sega or Nintendo, someone was always playing something and already then I gravitated towards coop games so I could play something with my brother opposed to against him. The middle east being what is was at the time was limited in the social life options so the characters from the books I read and shows I watched would come to life in my creative imagination when I was not at an arcade or LAN gaming store.

I am currently working on a manuscript for my first novel which I plan to self publish and share with my fans in 2020. I am writing this blog to keep the rust off me and share my opinions along with other information I feel will be interesting reading..




Fun Facts about me including some of my… :

Favorite Comics: X-Men, Deadpool, Punisher, Spawn, & Moon Knight

Favorite Games: Marvel Ultimate Alliance , Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, Civilization IV Beyond the Sword, Left 4 Dead 2 & Temple of Elemental Evil

Favorite TV Shows: Batman The Animated Series, Gotham, Dare Devil, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead & Hellsing

Favorite Movies: Scarface, Godfather II, Training Day, Unbreakable,  Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back & Aliens 2

Board Games: Marvel Legendary, Twilight Imperium, Legends of Drizzt, Summoner Wars & 7 Wonders,



Appollo aka Dom the Duke: Writer & Editor (Co-Founder)

A born scholar with more opinions than a fashion column in the 90s but a perpensive perxplexing point of view…

Dom the Duke has a specific taste in literature and movies and was a librarian while he was in school and a member of the chess club. He checks all the boxes to a pocket protecting kid who grew up in the 90s however he also was on basketball teams, performed on stage and would later coach boxers and volleyball players. Quite a diverse character and so is his writing. Duke provides a different slant to the rest of the staff and his style and content reflects his preverences even more than the rest of the contributors.

Growing up thumbing through some of writings great authors whilst hunting down obscure titles through his education writing would remain his passion and hobby and we are grateful to have him onboard as his pen is more often than not sharper than his wit. Some other things to know, he is a huge Civilization player, loves Repairman Jack novels and always chooses to player a hybrid wairror and caster in his RPGs if that tell you much about him.

Currently in Split working on content and our other projects while forever expanding his knowledge base, that he will tell you about at lengths if you allow him to. Critical, Charming and a little crazy and thats how we we like him.


Fun Facts about me including some of my… :

Favorite Comics:

Favorite Games:

Favorite TV Shows:

Favorite Movies:

Board Games:



Eryk Bakar, the Black wolf of the North

Well….. What the hell am *I* doing here? 

I’m the newest addition to the dimension and pretty much an odd addition. Born and raised in scandinavia and the EU puts me in a unique position compared to those who so kindly invited me into the dimension. I try my best to keep up with Grimm and Appollo and you bet your bottom dollar that I’m not letting my fat bottom get left behind.

I’ve been enraptured by the world of television and videogames while trying and failing to retain a strong reading habit since I was just a child but only recently came into the wonderful world of D&D 5e, boardgames and Magic The Gathering.

Because of this there are a lot of things that I have opinions about that differ from the old guard of questers and comic book readers. Opinions I fight to defend as passionately as the old guard defends their own. (I’m looking at YOU Grimm!)


Besides the point, gaming has always been afavorite hobby and much of my time has been spent mashing away at a gamepad with nothing but raw interest keeping my glued to the screen. Being socially awkward didn’t lend itself to much of a social circle growing up and so I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation of the singleplayer experience and the vast stories it can tell. Mario, Sonic, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper and all the way up to Kratos, Alex Mercer and Delsin Rowe. The stories I have seen, the wonders I’ve experienced. All to forge a mind none but I can comprehend, and now I’m sending you fragments in hopes that you’ll be addic- I mean enthralled!


Currently working on developing skills in GMing and game design while also helping the others with their projects. Creativity must be shared to grow and ours is taking off like Apollo 11. No, not you Appollo…


Favorite comics:….still working on that.

Favorite games: Dust: An Elysian Tail, Ratchet and Clank Future: Crack in Time, God of War 4, Spider-Man PS4, Jak and Daxter 3, Infamous 2 & Ori and The Blind Forest.

Favorite TV series: Steven Universe, Family Guy, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, The Batman & The Amazing Spider-Man.

Favorite Movies: Demolition Man, The Iron Giant, Real Steel, Pacific Rim, Lord of the Rings 1-3 & Toy Story 3.

Board Games: Red Dragon Inn, Splendor, Monopoly, Marvel Legendary, Dead of Winter & Betrayal At House on the Hill.

Sebb Wolfhard:

Our newest addition to the crew, hailing from the cold North of Scandinavia with Germanic roots our GM and game enthusiast accepted the challenge of helping us bridge the gap between normies and nerds with one piece of content at a time. After the pleading of Mykal he cordially agreed to help churn out well written and thought provoking pieces, if not at least they will prove for interesting reads. He will fill in his profile with more information as it comes so make sure you are subscribed to our social media and site to be kept in the loop.

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