RPG Night School

This is our little corner where we plan to aid role players in their pursuit of tabletop adventure. We know how intimidating it can be starting out in pen and paper role playing games with the vast volumes of books and charts you can easily find online. There is a lot out there and you can easily find yourself piling on the research and creating an Everest you will never get through. RPG Night School was designed for not only the novice RPG player but also for the veteran looking to spice up his next session or provide a talking spot to share ideas and exchange cool concepts.

Here we plan to help you along with those first steps through articles, tutorials and other materials that should make things a little easier for you. We will tackle character generation in different systems and editions and bring content which we hope will add fuel to your imaginative fires by having you look at playing in different ways. Hopefully we can help you pick the best system for you, give you some universal dos and donts and of course give you enjoyable content along the way.. The biggest obstacle is starting, choosing to give it a try because believe us when we say the rest should be nothing more than fun, fun, cursing and more fun.