Game Masters Chamber

Looking for help starting your first campaign, need advice on NPCS, Monsters and traps or just want to to get some inspiration for your next session the Game Masters Corner is the stop for you. In this column and a once a month segment in our podcast the GMs of the Guild of Lost Travelers and Nerd Dimension assemble to provide would be GMs and players resources to craft the coolest quests they possibly can without burning candles and ritual sacrifice. It can be hard to navigate the pen and paper Role Playing Game landscape so having some help along the way sure meant a lot for us and we want to repay the favor and give back. We will not do what everyone else is doing, we will NOT be politically correct and we WILL always do our best to let our content be both enjoyable and educational.

Being a GM / DM is a big responsibility and there is no right or wrong way to go about it but having some pointers and content ready to help you set up often makes the difference in whether or not you and your party choose to continue to play the games that molded our imagination and stole hours of our time in funky rooms rolling dice with the worst accents possible.

♦The Game Masters / Dungeons Masters ♦

Pat the DM

Bigg K aka Troll Vader

Mykal Grimm

Erik Bakar

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