Nerd Dimension started out like most passion projects, between jobs and with a moment of pure nerd bliss. Mike was looking for work and always had a misplaced obsession with comics and a deep love for writing and had figured it was time he dusted off the typewriter (literally) and take another crack at it. It was at this time he started the Guild of Lost Travelers with some of his buddies so they could play tabletop games and grow the player base and noticed the growing popularity of the things he enjoyed as Marvel movies and RPGs became mainstream. Movies and shows were making fantasy, sci fi and comics more accessible to people than ever before. Expecting more people to get into tabletop and nerdery as a side effect of all the interest but saw that there was no platform dedicated to growing awareness for those seeking to venture forth into the great unkown that is nerd culture.

It was then he started serious work on creating a space for those in search of adventure and the feeding of their imaginations, even those seeking discourse and idea exchange with those of shared interests and hobbies.

This site will immerse you into a world of fantasy whether it be board games, classic D20 games, TV Shows, Movies, Novels, Comics and other things we deem worthy of praise or ridicule. The contributors and members seek to promote the culture while giving their opinions and hopefully sparking further conversation. Nerd Dimension aims to provide interesting reads and insightful reads, fun facts and laughs with the coolest topics and hosts who wish to edutain with their specific flavor of commentary. This site will focus on written content while also sharing the podcast and visuals as they are completed. You can find articles, reviews along with other blog entries along those lines pertaining to all things cool within that realm right here on Nerd Dimension. We will try focus on having readers submit content whether it be artwork, short stories, graphic novels for consideration so we can give the struggling artists out there a platform to be viewed from. We have added an email address where you can reach us with said content. Also Nerd Dimension want to give back to the community and are thinking of doing voice over work and narration for authors seeking to expand their offerings with audiobooks.

Mykal’s background is in urban music (both performing and journalism) and will bring his style of hosting and narrating which will bring a new energy and perspective to the landscape while Barkreni will chime in with his jovial yet sharp scandinavian whit so expect something different every time you push play or scroll through a post. Appollo will charge in with his specific flare for dramatic discourse and our guests will struggle to get a word in edge wise but it should make for fun audio!

All we ask is that you like our pages and share them with friends prior to reaching out and submitting content. Also clearly specify in the email that you are giving us the permission to post and review! If you would like to be a guest on the podcast in the Subject header include (Podcast Appearance Request) and make sure you checked out some of our content prior to applying.

EMAIL : nerd_dimension@protonmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nerddimension

submission guide:

  • Include who you are writing to in the title and include category (books, rpg, novels…etc)
  • make sure you have liked and subscribed to our social media, follow the site and podcast prior to emailing us
  • NO MARKETING whatsover, you will be blocked if you are blindly spamming our emailing us with your products or services. We have neither the time or will for emails plugging your site or project, a little courtesy goes a long way.

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