Podcast: 0101 Introductory Pod

The first podcast is here so please let us know what you think in the comments section and tell a friend when you get the chance. We apologize for some of the technical difficulties, this was our first time using the first set up we bought and you can hear some of the growing pains. This podcast served more to set a tone and flavor so the listeners could get to know us better. We announce upcoming reviews as well as what listeners can expect topic wise in the upcoming episodes.

So before I pass out at my laptop, share, subscribe and may all your rolls be 20s and your ladies maidens not wenches.


Author: Mykal K Grymm

I love reading and writing, enjoy RPGs of all forms and am a huge sci fi and fantasy fiction fan. Working on A Nerd Dimension & the podcast hoping to be able to get more people interested in my hobbies and passions and bridge the gap for those seeking to enter the culture.

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