Last Saturday one of our guild members Marin managed to land us a gaming venue and we wanted to try something new, big shout to the Gentle Beard (It ain’t Santa Clause or Dumbledore) for hooking us up with Alhambra with a few expansions. After checking out some reviews we were sure it was worth a shot.

A building game that plays 6 people and the expansions seemed to really spice up the game play. Recently our guild has seen a surge in activity and we are hoping that we continue to hang out , we haven’t played with Marin for almost a year so it was good to reconnect as well we brought two new gamers to get familiar with the game and meet some of the members.

In Alhambra you play as the master builders of Europe and Arabia to create the best possible Alhambra. Alhambra won the ‘Spiel Des Jahres’ game of the year award and ‘As’Dor’ game of the year award in 2003 and is published by Queen Games. Having such awards including the Golden Feather in Germany for best rules in a board game as well in 2003 we all figured this game but deliver, and deliver it did!

The game is about buying tiles with the matching color currency in order to rack up points in each of the three counting phases. Each player is given a fountain as starting tile and a reserve card counter where they can store tiles and the point scheme i listed on it as well. You begin with around 20 in currency and you can draw in each turn where have three options : Draw money, buy a tile or rearrange/move tiles. The basic game we discovered had somethings to be desired because the mechanics would not allow for change so we introduced two expansions : The Bureau  of Change which allowed u to exchange the color of currencies and we used The Change which granted you to receive coins as change. We deeply recommend that you purchase the expansions because now you can buy The Big box version with most of the expansions and is well worth the money.


You Can buy the game here (Croatia): Alhambra

Or here (E.U.): Alhambra Big Box


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